Music for the ceremony. Sound equipment and microphones for the ceremony. Background music for a cocktail hour. All the wedding music traditions and announcements: first dance, cake cutting, etc. Reception dance party. The Frim Fram 4 knows how to do ALL of that, but will do only the things you want. It's YOUR wedding. You get to choose what happens in it.

The Frim Fram 4 has years of experience handling every kind of wedding, and is excellent at working with wedding planners. The band is professional. They sound great, they look great, and they help make your wedding memorable and fun.

You're entrusting a very special and important day to someone, it should be to experienced people you can count on for professionalism. The band appeals to people of all ages, and creates an atmosphere that's both lively and refined.

If you'd like to have a DJ play more modern dance music to keep the party going after the Frim Fram 4 is done, please visit

    Wedding Music

  Experience Counts